Google Review for your HVAC company

Why you need to write a Google Review for your HVAC company (good or bad)

One of the most important features for users and businesses alike is Google Reviews. Every company tries to put an image of itself out there to attract potential consumers but nothing helps truly define that image like the experiences of past customers. A Google Review for your HVAC company allows you to share your experiences and interactions with businesses (good or bad). Those reviews are so important to maintain a good working relationship between businesses and their customers.

Great service for customers

Most people wouldn’t even eat at a new restaurant without looking at reviews first. The same goes for many people when they need a heating and cooling company. Writing a short Google Review is a way that you too can help to make sure that the good companies get their fair share of exposure. You can also warn other potential customers of poor service if you feel that the company didn’t deliver what they advertised.

Extremely helpful for HVAC companies

Most companies use Google to promote their services and attract new customers using several of the search engine’s marketing tools. You may have heard of “search engine optimization” and also Adwords. Many HVAC companies bid on Google Adwords to make sure that when you search for things like “where to buy a new furnace” or “HVAC companies”, their name is among the first you see.

What many customers don’t know is that positive Google Reviews are also a major factor in determining which companies potential customers see first. The quantity — and especially quality — of local reviews can help businesses rise to the top of Google’s search results, and at the same time hold them accountable for the work they do when it doesn’t meet customer expectations. This is how customers can help companies that continue to impress them become mainstays in the community. Google Reviews allow representatives of the business to answer back to reviews so that if something you noticed about their service seemed unsatisfactory they have a chance to respond to your concerns, or even show appreciation for a kind review.

Where these kinds of reviews can really show their value is when they come from customers who have been with a company for years, knows employees by name, has had a variety of services performed and can almost chronicle their every interaction with them. These kind of reviews show a level of care and respect on both sides that, although sometimes hard to find, is so valuable in the industry to customers and businesses alike.

So if a review has helped you decide on which company to hire, do that company a favour and write a review of your own.