What is a boiler?

What is a boiler?

Instead of using fans and ducts to circulate air like a furnace, a boiler distributes heated water (or steam) throughout the house via pipes to radiators and other devices. Sometimes this is called “hydronic heating”, a boiler can offer several advantages:

A boiler can give your home even heat distribution

Heat can dissipate in the air with a forced air system while traveling through ductwork. Heated water traveling via pipes retains heat longer. Boilers help reduce “cold spots” in certain corners of larger homes.

No dust!

Boilers simply don’t move dust around your home in the way that forced air systems do. This is important for those with have allergies, asthma or environmental sensitivities.

Room-by-room control

With boilers you can often install “zone” thermostats to control the local temperature in individual rooms, such as with a radiant floor system in bathrooms.

There are of course other ways to heat your home. Electric furnaces, oil furnaces, heat pumps and others but we feel that for the kind of winters we get, a gas furnace or gas boiler is the best and most efficient way to heat your home.