best price on a new furnace

How to get the best price on a new furnace: the ultimate comfort system

Buying a new furnace doesn’t come cheap. It’s a big investment that, if done right, should last somewhere between 16-20 years. Sometimes it can last longer with proper maintenance. These winters we get in Ottawa keep our furnaces running six to seven months of the year. Read on to find out how to get the best price on a new furnace.

The furnace and air conditioner; two peas in a pod

There’s a trade secret to getting the best price on a new furnace: ask for the bundle. When you buy a furnace together with an air conditioner, you should be getting a discounted rate. If a reduced price isn’t being offered, you’re not talking to the right vendor. Every other commodity on the market is subject to a price reduction and furnaces are no different.

The benefits to buying a modulating furnace and modulating air conditioner together

Once you decide on the right furnace for your home, you need to do the same for your air conditioner. They really need to be modulating, or multi-stage (what does that mean?). These are the top benefits to getting both at the same time:

Cheaper furnace, cheaper air conditioner

We already said it, but it really goes without saying. Get both at the same time from the same vendor and watch for the savings on each unit.

The ultimate comfort system gives you the best price on a new furnace

When a reliable vendor designs a system that includes both units, you get year-round comfort that is tailored specifically to your home. This type of arrangement is often called the ultimate comfort system because it does just that. The two units are integrated together with the right thermostat seamlessly and you don’t have to worry about it again. This is especially true when you buy a new high efficiency furnace with a high AFUE rating.

Greater energy efficiency

You’re buying both units at the same time so they’re new together and they age together. As you get your yearly maintenance done, the technician can service both to get the longest life out of both. When the furnace is new but the air conditioner is halfway through its life, the overall energy costs are greater than when both are installed and optimized together.

Single point of contact

You don’t expect things to go wrong when you buy a new furnace but sometimes things just happen. Whether it’s in the first year or 10 years down the road, by purchasing both the furnace and air conditioner together, you only have to make a single call to your vendor. A quality, locally-owned and operated vendor will know your installation details and can make repairs quickly.

It’s always smart to save money when you can. Furnaces (and air conditioners) are expensive investments that you want working for as long as possible. Why wouldn’t you want to get the best price on a new furnace?